Today’s vehicles are more complex than ever. To repair them properly after a collision requires dedication and an ongoing investment in training, education and knowledge.

At David’s Hail & Collision Repair we believe the key to complete, safe and quality repairs lies in the knowledge and training of our collision repair technicians.

Vehicles are becoming lighter and more fuel efficient in response to tighter Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards. Plastics, lightweight alloys and aluminum are integral to these new, lightweight designs – but they’re also more difficult to repair than steel.

Electronics are now embedded in nearly every automotive system, adding new complexities to vehicle repair. Hidden damage is common in vehicles involved in a collision. It’s difficult for untrained technicians and estimators to spot and accurately assess the full extent of repairs needed.

At David’s Hail & Collision repair we have the expertise to repair your vehicle correctly and to accurately assess all repairs needed keeping your vehicle safe and operating at peak performance.

Learn more about I-CAR Certifications.

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