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Auto AC Repair Services in Denver & Englewood, CO

Whether your vehicle’s air conditioner isn’t cooling properly or it’s making way too much noise, it may be time to get it professionally checked. When your air conditioning system breaks, refrigerants start leaking. This can damage your car’s evaporator and compressor, creating expensive damages. As soon as you notice there’s trouble with your car’s A/C the best advice is to contact certified professionals.

At David’s Hail & Collision Repair, we offer expert AC repair services to individuals and fleet managers in Denver, Englewood, Lakewood, Aurora, and Littleton. Our ASE and I-CAR certified technicians can complete any auto AC service from testing and maintenance to a complete air conditioning system repair. If you’re looking for a trustworthy and budget-friendly service, contact us today to schedule an AC repair!

How Can We Help?

Performance Inspection

We always start by performing a thorough inspection of your vehicle’s AC system. By checking the compressor, condenser, evaporator, metering device, lines, and refrigerant are all in good condition, we make sure each part of your AC system is properly working and in good condition. Then, we do a full-performance check to determine the next step. This is where we diagnose what needs to be done in order to successfully repair the AC.

A/C Recharge

If your vehicle’s air conditioner no longer blows cool air and starts losing its power, then it’s time you do an AC recharge. Recharging means adding more refrigerant to your car. We highly recommend you leave this to the professionals as it entails proper handling of hazardous liquid. AC recharges may be temporary solutions to bigger problems though, in case there’s a leak it’s imperative that you schedule a full AC repair service.

A/C Repair

You don’t have to deal with the hassle of a broken air conditioner in your car, you can let us at David’s Hail & Collision Repair do the hard work. Contact us to schedule an appointment.

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