Have you noticed you have a hard time seeing the road at night? This may mean your headlights are foggy. Road conditions and outside elements like the sun and rain can make your headlights cloudy. As a result, hazy headlights can reduce up to 50 percent of visibility at night. Avoid this safety hazard and contact a professional headlight restoration service as soon as you can!

At David’s Hail & Collision Repair, we provide expert restoration services to individuals and fleet managers in Denver, Englewood, Lakewood, Aurora, and Littleton. We’ll restore your headlights until they’re as good as new, to ensure your safety on the road. Our team of experienced technicians use cutting edge equipment and are ASE and I-CAR certified. Contact us today to schedule a headlight restoration service!

headlight restoration

Reasons Your Headlights Are Foggy

Sun Exposure: The plastic lenses oxidize when they’re exposed to the UV light. Sun exposure wears off the protective coat of these lenses, making the plastic turn yellow.

Dirt and Debris: When you drive, your headlights are exposed to dirt, gravel, and debris. With time, debris causes scratches and pits making the lights cloudy and hazy.

Water Damage: While most headlights are waterproofed, the seal wears off with time. As a result, condensation forms inside the lenses and it’s impossible to wipe it away.

Professional Headlight Restoration in the Denver Metropolitan Area

Don’t compromise your night visibility with cracked or cloudy headlights. If you’re having trouble seeing the road at night, your headlights are yellow, scratched, and cloudy, it’s time to get them professionally restored. DIY headlight cleaning, unfortunately, lasts for a couple of months. Get professional headlight restoration for effective and long-lasting results.

Call David’s Hail & Collision Repair, our expert technicians are highly proficient in headlight restoration and will leave your headlights as good as new. We sand, polish and seal your headlights to ensure quality results.

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